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In 2001 His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales became Patron of the Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors and Gravers (RMS). The Society is delighted that His Royal Highness has generously continued his support of an award scheme named

“The Prince of Wales Award for Outstanding Miniature Painting”

The award was presented to Rosalind Pierson, at the 2014 RMS Annual Open Exhibition, at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, London.


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Congratulations to Elizabeth Meek HPRMS who has been awarded

an MBE in the New Years Honours list

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Congratulations to Joan Humble RMS OAM MASF MPSGS MAA
who has been awarded an OAM (Medal of the Order of Australia) In this years Australian Queen's Birthday Honours List,
'For services to the visual arts as a landscape artist'.

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Congratulations to Joyce Rowsell who has been award the following:
New Mexico Miniature Art Society - Best Miniature plus two Sponsor Prizes
MPSGS Washington - 1st prize for Landscape
MASF Florida - 2nd Prize for Architecture

Cider Painters of America - President's Prize and Marion Winter Award

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Congratulations to Alan Farrell RMS who has been awarded the following
International Honourable Mention - 2013 Miniature Society of Painters, Sculptors and Gravers of Washington (MPSGS)

Architecture Award - 2013 Cider Painters of America (CPA)

Alan was also honoured to be the Judge for the Miniature Art Society of Florida International 2014 Exhibition. 
This Exhibition attracts more entries than any other Miniature Society throughout the World
and he judged over 800 works in about 20 media and subject classes.

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 Published Articles

Margaret Carver - Eastern Daily Press
hyllis Arnold - Silhouettes and Keepsakes
racy Hall - Small and Bright - The Leisure Painter

If you are a member and would like to let us know about your shows, events & exhibitions, we would love to hear from you!

Please Email: jenny@jennymusker.co.uk, include a few pictures and a short written piece about your event.

You could be in the next Leisure Painter Magazine!


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Which picture at London’s National Portrait Gallery do visitor’s talk about the most? It’s probably ‘Equanimity’, the remarkable 795 by 595mm holographic portrait of Queen Elizabeth II, which was presented to the Gallery in 2011 by the People of Jersey. The creation of Rob Munday and Chris Levine, it took two sittings and just over 8,200 images to formulate the three-dimensional lenticular.

Now Rob Munday, internationally recognised as one of the leading holographers, has produced the world’s first 24 carat gold (nickel metal covered with gold by vacuum deposition) holographic portrait miniature of Her Majesty The Queen. Measuring just 25 by 32mm, this unique and spellbinding miniature will have its inaugural public viewing at the Annual Exhibition of the Royal Miniature Society, which was staged in October 2013 at the Mall Galleries, The Mall, London.


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Recent Books on Miniatures

Painting Miniatures  
Painting Miniatures by Pauline Denyer Baker Des RCA, RMS, MAA, MASF, SLm, HS

Miniatures are not simply small paintings: special techniques are used to achieve their unique glow and luminosity. This book explains how to paint in detail in a small format with colour and precision. Drawing on her extensive experience, Pauline Denyer-Baker shares her passion for painting miniatures, and inspires both beginners and more experienced artists to master and enjoy this historic art form.

  • An introduction to the history and traditions of miniatures set by Holbein, Hilliard and Oliver
  • The importance of drawing and sketchbooks
  • Advice on materials, paints, bases and framing
  • Step-by-step demonstrations of stippling and hatching, watercolour and oil painting, and colour mixing
  • Focus on portraits, still life and silhouettes
  • Work from leading artists with a range of styles and subjects

ISBN: 9781847978400
PUBLISHED: 21/11/2014
PAGES: 176
BINDING: Paperback
SIZE: 280x220 mm
INSIDE: 254 colour photographs

The Arturi Phillips Collection

A Catalogue of Portrait Miniatures by Roger and Carmela Arturi Phillips.

Featuring over 130 of the most well known miniature painters, mainly British and some Continental, dating from 1588-2004, the authors share their collecting experiences and discuss in detail their photography and storage solutions. Every artist is given a full page colour enlargement showing the brushstokes and signature with discussion on their technique. A4 size, hardback, 446 pages printed on silk art paper. Limited Edition. £65.

 To order a copy of 'The Arturi Phillips Collection' please click here


A Dictionary of Miniature Painters 1870-1970 by Roger and Carmela Arturi Phillips

The Dictionary aims to be the perfect resource for the collector or enthusiast of later miniatures. The result of thousands of hours' work, it lists over 2300 mainly British artists working during this period, and contains lots of details and stories about them, nearly all of it previously unpublished. Examples of the work of many of the top name artists are shown in colour, many of them full page, and there are close up images of some startling examples of photominiatures. There is an appendix of signatures and monograms. A4 size, hardback, 295 pages printed on silk art paper. Limited Edition. £65.

To order a copy of 'A Dictionary of Miniature Painters' please click here

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New Members

Welcome and congratulations to the following artists, who were elected to either full or associate membership on selection day, and will be awarded thier certificates the Annual General Meeting on 30th October 2014:-
New Full Members New Associate Members
Kate Green   Heather Artis
      Eileen Bass
      Claudia Haesen
      Pamela Jones
      Oliver King
    Ken Luckhurst
    Philip Nelson
      Oliver King

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Some Award Winners talk about their work and inspiration:- 

"The Peter Charles Booth Memorial Award is a beautiful solid silver plate engraved with the artist's name, the date and the title of the work for which it is given.

I am thrilled and very honoured to have received the award at the RMS Exhibition.  I also feel very humble when I consider the calibre and standing of the talented artists who have received it in the past.

My miniature painting entitled "Windfalls" was the work chosen. It is in watercolour on vellum and measures 2.5 x 3 inches.

Windfall apples lying in the leaves and grass under the trees in our garden were the inspiration for the painting. I loved the rich, vibrant colours of the apples and their solidity and heaviness, which contrasted with the fragility of the fallen leaves and grass in which they nestled.

I photographed them and then selected five apples and together with leaves and grass, set up an arrangement in my studio from which to work. The apples were painted entirely from life, the background from life and also with reference to my photographs.

The finished miniature is my personal favourite of the work I submitted this year and together with the exquisite award will be kept and treasured by my family now and in generations to come."

Marian Tumelty VPRMS, SBA, SWA


~ ~ ~ ~ ~


I have been painting miniatures depicting British wildlife for some time as I live in the country and am lucky enough to see a variety of interesting wildlife all around me.


Whatever I see around me gives me the inspiration to try and capture in a painting that moment in time. I strive to convey the beauty of the wild birds, mammals and wild flowers which I see in my garden and the local area that give me so much pleasure.


It was a wonderful surprise when I was told that the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery had selected my painting of a Nuthatch for the 2011 Subject Miniature award.  I felt it was a very great honour - for as usual I was amazed by the quality of all the other beautiful miniature paintings displayed in the exhibition.  

Pam Mullings RMS HS

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was absolutely delighted to win the President's Special Commendation Award and Gold bowl Hon Mention.

Venice really inspired me as a subject for a miniature painting, because its scenery is so timeless and unique. I enjoy painting scenes with water in them as I think this adds to the tranquil atmosphere. I also like the challenge of working to this scale as I've found it to be one of the hardest things I've done.

It takes me quite a few days to produce these miniature paintings working from my photographs. I build the painting up gradually with about three coats or layers, the first coat being the toughest, having to draw it in so precisely with the brush. No matter how careful I am or how long I spend putting down the first coat, it always looks scruffy! I build up the layers gradually to the final polished artwork, leaving some of the painting with just its first or second coat.  

Erica Youngman ARMS HS

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am overwhelmed by winning two more awards. In the presence of such top quality work by the most amazing artists I feel very humble to have been considered worthy of the RMS Group Award & the Gold Bowl Hon. Mention. Entering my first ever painted miniatures in 2010, not sure whether they would be accepted, let alone sell & win awards, inspired me to paint more, & just seeing everyone else’s work to try & paint to a higher standard. Again, in 2011, receiving the two awards, meeting other miniaturists & becoming an Associate of the Society I have found so encouraging, & indeed challenging, seeing the very high standard of everyone’s work. Must try harder!

Rob Ritchie RMS

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Society web pages for members

Available to all Members - we now offer a link from our artists' page to your own web sites.

Participate on our web site, to support the Society, at just £30 for your own page with 6 images and text and we will automatically link to your own web site. For technical information, please click here, 'Beginners guide to processing digital images' for internet/email.

Please make your cheque payable to 'The Royal Miniature Society', and send it to: Gillian Hanton, The Nook, Coombe Lane, Hughenden Valley, Bucks, HP14 4NX.

Compile and send your disc with 6 images or 6 photographs and 150 word CV to: Claire Hucker, The Laurels Studio, Stone, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, GL13 9LD. or alternatively you can Email your images and CV to Claire Hucker: cmhucker@gmail.com

Each image should be saved to disc or emailed to Claire Hucker (ideally at 300dpi) making sure each works title is easily identifiable or if you have no means to save your images digitally, normal photographs can be used. In addition please include the picture dimensions and medium used, your CV of approx 150 words and your website address if you have one. Your page will be uploaded onto the Society's web site within 7 working days.

Do you have difficulty in photographing your work digitally and attaching it to email?

Please follow this link: 'Beginners Guide to processing and emailing your digital images for publication'