Carole Flanders VPRMS SLM HS

I started painting when I was a child with my fathers help. He would set us subjects to paint. I remember painting sunsets in watercolour.  This gave me a thirst to learn more.
Most of my formal training was at Adult education Classes with some very good tutors also I joined Hartley Art Group. Where I was given a lot of encouragement.
I discovered painting miniatures about six years ago I attended a class with Alison Griffin VPRMS. Since then I have been accepted as a member of the Society of Limners, The Hilliard Society. In 2013 I was accepted as a full member of the Royal society of miniature painters Sculptors and gravers.
I Exhibit with the Society of Limners here and in Tasmania, The Hilliard Society, The Royal Miniature Society & the Florum Exhibition. I am a member of the Hartley Art Group and have Exhibited with them in many Exhibitions around Kent.
I find painting very absorbing, There is still so much to learn from the world around us it is constantly changing so we will never be short of a subject to paint. I have tried different media’s from watercolour to pastels. I now paint in acrylics.