Have you got what it takes?
We are always on the look out for new and innovative art works in miniature.

The exhibition offers several prestigious awards, open to all participating artists, please see below 

Annual Awards

The Gold Memorial Bowl Award for the Best Miniature Work in the Exhibition - £750
The Prince of Wales Award for Outstanding Miniature Painting (postponed)
The President’s Special Commendation - President’s choice of miniature and large work. 
The Society’s Award - Best five or more works 
The Mundy Sovereign Portrait Award 
The Bidder and Borne Award - Finest piece of Sculptors or Gravers artwork
Peter Charles Booth Memorial Award
Anita Emmerich Presentation Award 
Anthony J Lester Art Critics Award
Elizabeth Meek - Young Artists Award (Age 18-30) - £250
Young Miniaturist Award (Age 16-17) - First prize £150, runner up prize £50
Arturi Phillips `Connoisseur` Award 
The Elizabeth Meek Award
People’s Choice Award - £250
Award for Innovation - First prize & 2 runners up. Sponsored by Golden Bottle Trust
Joan Cornish Willies Award for Outstanding Traditional Miniature Oil Painting - £400

Pictured: The Gold Memorial Bowl 

The Gold Memorial Bowl was a gift to the Society from Suzanne Lucas MBE, FLS, HPRMS, FPSBA, Hon.SWA, Hon. MAA,  Hon. MASF. The Society shows over 600 works at its Annual Exhibition, from which only one is selected and awarded the Gold Memorial Bowl.

award for innovation

Award for Innovation

Award for Innovation - sponsored by Golden Bottle Trust

Pictured, the Award for Innovation, first prize & two runners up, have been sympathetically created by Ray Winder President RMS.