A brief History

The Royal Society of Miniature Painters, Sculptors & Gravers was founded in 1896 by Alyn Williams who was the first President, a position he occupied until 1898, and then again from 1908 until 1941. The Society's Inaugural Exhibition, held in 1896 in the Modern Gallery, was the first to be devoted exclusively to contemporary miniatures and was an immediate success. King Edward VII granted the Royal Charter in 1905. In 1926 the RMS extended its welcome to other forms of miniature art. Recognition of this wider scope was officially confirmed when Sculptors and Gravers were added to its name by Royal Command of King George V.

The Society's Aims are to Esteem, Protect and Practise the traditional 16th Century art of miniature work, emphasizing the infinite patience needed for its fine techniques.

Parton The Former Prince of Wales
President Ray Winder PRMS

Pictured: Bust of Alyn Williams
Alyn Williams

Past Presidents

Alyn Williams 1896-1898
Sir William Blake Richmond
Alyn Williams
S. Arthur Lindsey
Lt. Col. F.A. Goddard
Col. Scott Shepherd
Raymond Lister
Suzanne Lucas
Elizabeth Meek MBE
Rosalind Pierson

Diploma Collection

Full Member Certificate
An extensive archive collection of current members and past members work, referred to as the Diploma Collection.

A certificate or diploma is presented to new members, once a full membership is gained the artist is invited to donate one piece of their best work for the Diploma collection. 

Due to the extensive collection, new members are no longer required to donate their work.